About The Rum Trail

What is the real reason behind collecting? To actively hunt for specific objects to look at, taste, smell, or simply just own? To me it has quite little to do with objects. Sure, I wouldn’t collect something I didn’t like, but it’s bigger than the items themselves. It has to do with how the items fit into my imagination. The associations, connections and memories tied to the objects in question.

Take the specific case of rum. A whiff from a glass of rum will set of unpredictable subconscious ramblings. Ideas of specific smells and tastes. But also, vague associations to history, culture, geography. Romantic fascinations with the Caribbean, beaches, feverish rhythms. Dark shadows of slave trade, of imperialism and conflict. Symbolism, all in my mind, but no less real. Dark and bright, complex. A bottle of rum is a gateway to my imagination. And it’s also just an enjoyable drink. A great sipper on equal footing with the best from whisky and brandy. All that, and just that.

I dabble in rum. I’m neither a connoisseur nor a proper collector. I haven’t invested enough time and energy into rum to yet identify with those labels. I’m messing around with rum, sticking my toe in. In fact, just a short while ago I couldn’t tell you the first thing about sugarcane spirits. Whatever associations I had to rum was limited to mixed drinks, Jack Sparrow and Treasure Island. But that’s all good, it’s part of the fun. To delve into a new world, to learn about the history and practice, about eccentricities and norms. To feed the associations that makes collecting a fulfilling practice.

This site is not an expert’s structured roadmap through the complex world of rum. As far from it as possible. Neither is it a tasting site with reviews, grades, recommendations. Rather, it’s a beginner’s travel journal. I don’t promise original research or firsthand accounts, but personal takes and always with a humble tip off the hat to the experts and the many excellent sources available online or as books. It’s a collection of what I find interesting as I stumble through the history, the myths, the production, the practice, the market of rum. It’s what I find, my reactions to it and my rookie view. Of regions, eras, styles, specific bottles or drinks. Nothing more, nothing less.

Hopefully it can be enjoyable to follow along. For other newbies it can perhaps be a source of information. Knowledge from one rookie to another. Delegated research for those not as keen on googling and reading as I am. For the connoisseurs it can perhaps be a mix between joy seeing someone new enjoy and discover the world you already know, and pain seeing someone potentially misunderstand, distort and butcher it all as I stumble along…

This blog is based in Sweden. That might be worth noting as I’m sure it will affect writings relating to events, to availability of specific types of rum, prices etc.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, don’t hesitate to contact me.